A Breath of Fresh Air

This is not your typical photoshoot. We've planned for this and we come prepared to give you a boutique experience.

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We had a vision that was out-of-the-box and we needed lots of help!

Corinne VanWinkle and my two lovely assistants Sara VanWinkle (left) and Rachel Sullivan (hiding behind a rock to the right).

Weeks before the shoot we met the lovely couple who ran the chapel in Allenspark, Colorado (read more about this location here). We presented our idea for our upcoming photoshoot and made a small donation. With their blessing, we set a date and started conceptualizing.

Chianne Coffman working on the studio vision board for an upcoming senior shoot.

All of that being said, we were just collecting information and inspiration at this point. We still needed our client to jump on board and trust our creative vision. We really take all that we’ve learned about our client and build the plan around showcasing their strengths. Our goal is that we become great guides in a day that highlights, empowers and brings belly laughs to the hero of the day, our senior.

Being creative is a practiced talent.

Chianne coffman

Music and laughter in the air help us “get-in-state”. In order to pull off the vision board we’d created, we had to get crafty! For us, the process usually starts on Pinterest and leads us to Hobby Lobby. This is all part of the senior experience with Chy Creative. We love to add a surprise factor that WOWS! Check out some of the behind-the-scenes crafting!

Handmade props

Covid-19 was an interesting time for all of us. For our seniors who were pampered with hair and make-up, we were extra cautious about safety. Our professionals wore masks and everything in the studio was sanitized before and after our guests arrived.

A lot of factors need to fall into place to maximize the vision: weather, schedules, hair and make-up, wardrobe and travel-time are just a few.

Deep breath….

It’s go-time!

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