Glow Getters

Created for tweens, ages 10-14

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Application deadline has passed.

We are excited to announce our 2021 Glow Getters

  1. Jacey B.
  2. Makenna S.
  3. Adalyn S.
  4. Ayla S.
  5. Harper S.
  6. Ariana B.
  7. Karina B.
  8. Tiara
  9. Tessa
  10. Amiyah
  11. Taylor
  12. Tinsley
  13. Evann V.
  14. Corinne
  15. Kai G.
  16. Maya J.
  17. Jillian
  18. Taeya A.

This is WHY we created our first-annual Glow Getters event to support tween girls ages 9-14. This will be a sponsored event that will allow each girl to attend free of charge. The event will be held at Ted’s Sweetwater Grill & Trout pond (Windsor, CO) in the outside vented tent on June 9th. We are working with local influential speakers and business owners to create a memorable experience which will surely have each girl stepping forward in finding her unique identity.

Thank you to our sponsors who have already committed to support our Glow Getters: Windsor 1st Bank, Pay It Forward Homes (Adam and Mandi Swartz), Coffman and Laub Construction, Edward Jones (Josh and Jenn Dees), Lifted Online Film and Music, Hurleigh Lane Boutique, Windsor Chamber of Commerce, NOCO Style Magazine, Life in Ptarmigan, Hills and Meadows magazine, Chy Creative and NoCo Seniors.

During these years of transition, we want to be a small business that inspires future generations to be the type of leaders who can move mountains given the right tools. Often times, finding the right tools starts with learning your God-given strengths. As a “tween” I had this idea that I wasn’t good at math… it was a weakness and so I needed to take more math classes in order to be stronger on the subject. BUT what I wasn’t told was that I had strengths in communication, strategizing, achieving, responsibility and maximizing. Had I been empowered with this knowledge when I was young, I would have had the opportunity to use these tools as strengths to “overcome” the weaknesses I was told I had at the time. Just think what this sort of influence could have on YOUR tween?

We believe in empowering our future generations to be strong, positive includers who have their feet firmly planted in order to live up to their full potential.

Chianne’s personal 2022 vision board.

Each girl will be given the materials to create her own vision board which can help her identify her goals and dreams for her upcoming school year. As she is creating, we will have inspirational speakers experienced in talking to this age group about body image, personal growth, overcoming obstacles and finding friendship.

Our Silly Faces series is a popular choice to highlight a growing personality.

In addition, Chianne Coffman, owner and artist at Chy Creative, will gift each girl a mini photoshoot during the event. Some optional fun clothing and accessories will be available to use during the shoot too. With the images Chianne will custom design a 12-18 month calendar which will feature a special girl each month in a way that highlights her strengths.

As an added gift, each girl will receive a copy of the calendar (full of little surprises) in hopes that she remembers the day and the new friends she met. Also, the opportunity to purchase artwork will be offered to each parent/guardian wanting to gift their child with a beautiful, unique art piece for their room.

Each girl will leave the event with her own vision board, a bag full of uplifting swag, new friend connections, a professional photoshoot experience and empowering words of encouragement that stem from our core values! The calendar(s) will be delivered at the photo viewing appointment set up with Chy Creative during the event.

We take fun seriously! Event is limited to 12 girls, so apply today!

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